More from the Safeway coupon booklet. Did you know that Campbell’s soup is good for the environment? As implied by the accompanying photograph of a happy family running on grass, it makes people healthy (you’d be less likely to run and laugh if you’re not well-nourished, or if your soup had toxins in it, wouldn’t you?), and good health is of course a function to environmental sustainability, so…. we’re left to figure out that connection ourselves. Presumably the cans don’t have that poisonous plastic lining that most cans have? We don’t know. The ad doesn’t mention this. What it DOES say is that because the soup is condensed, the cans are smaller than they would be if it wasn’t, so 130 million pounds more of metal per year would have been used if the soup already contained the water that customers add at home. But they put it a different way. They say this 130 million pounds of metal was “saved.” (Left in the ground? The mining companies said, “let’s not mine this last 130 million pounds of metal because Campell’s soup doesn’t need it”?) Let’s not think about how much metal was USED, more metal that would have been “saved” if people made soup from ingredients not purchased in cans. Let’s focus instead, as we’re supposed to, on all the metal that *wasn’t* used, that could have been, if Campbell’s was not condensed. Let’s focus on the drawing of the Earth with leaves coming out of it behind the image of the soup can, and the words “earth-friendly” at the top of the ad. $1 off on 4 cans!