Today the blissfully wedded couple on the uproarious comedy “Everybody Loves Raymond” decided that it would make sense to be at least as polite to each other (those whom they (presumably) love) as they are to strangers. Imagine — Raymond actually prefers to be called “sweetie” over “idiot.” Weird! Debra thought it was silly, but agreed to try to be nice.

Of course they couldn’t hold out for long. Soon they were back at each other’s throats, yelling angrily in each other’s faces.

As brilliant as that is, it hardly compares with the hilarity on another recent episode, wherein Raymond wanted to have sex, but Debra didn’t! *Again!* What a creative storyline, not a cliché at all, and an eloquent statement on the unparalleled fabulousness of the institution of matrimony.

This show is like the loathsome comic strips “The Lockhorns,” or “Andy Capp” — normalizing abuse by trying to pass it off as amusing.