Even though I no longer have my own yard, I see a lot of wonderful creatures just walking around the neighborhood. Recently I’ve seen a turtle, crabs, an owl, ibises, a peacock, a mysterious (to me) water bird with a long neck and elaborate crest, fish that have patterns like giraffes, a flock of parrots.

I visited my former yard recently, and the trees are still giving. The surviving sugar apple has several developing fruit, as does the carambola tree. The fig is starting its first fruit, as is the pomegranate. The pomegranate looks like it won’t make it though — it’s covered with black spots while it’s still tiny.

I wonder if I would learn to be close friends with the plants and creatures if I move somewhere else, like Virginia or New York or San Francisco, or if I’d always feel more compatible with the species I’ve known all my life. I’m thinking about moving sometime in the next few months, maybe.