I liked the work of the other cartoonists in the panel. The audience was great, and I was happy to hear some loud laughter at my jokes. Plus I sold a good number of books.

There was a lounge for presenters where they fed us and we could wait to be escorted to our venues. I saw Salman Rushdie in there! He was trailed by a cloud of people wanting to talk to him or have their picture taken with him.

The Miami Herald had additional coverage of the graphic novel section of the book fair, and included some quotes by artists (including me) here. Mine says, “To me, at the time we’re living in, when the world is being destroyed and the fate of the future of life on Earth is in question, anything that doesn’t have an agenda to save that is of no interest to me. It’s almost unforgivable to do work that’s not in some way trying to make the world better.”

Thanks to reporter Connie Ogle!