If you’re looking for holiday gifts, you might consider visiting the stores of some of these webcartoonists:

Wondermark prints, books, cards and more by David Malki

Girls With Slingshots, books and more by Danielle Corsetto

Eric Monster Millikin, political/occult prints

Goats, apparel, toys, books and more by Jon Rosenberg

Shlock Mercenary, books, magnets, t-shirts and more by Howard Taylor

Chris Yates, puzzles, slugs, prints and more

Something Positive, t-shirts, cards and more by RK Millholland

Lunarbistro, tarot cards, comics and more by Indigo Kelleigh

Octopus Pie, books, art, apparel and more by Meredith Gran

Diesel Sweeties, socks, t-shirts and more by Rich Stevens