My brother and I were talking about improving our drawing skills, and we each felt bad that we didn’t practice enough. So we’re going to draw every day for the next year. Even if just for a few minutes. At least something. Not including comics (for me) or class assignments (for him).

We both waste tons of time, like on planes or sitting in waiting rooms or on buses… instead of working on anything, we tend to sink into mystery novels… glancing longingly at those working away on projects and beating ourselves up for being lazy.

So this might be inspiration for us to be more disciplined. We plan to monitor one another’s progress on a blog. We won’t be able to post them every day, but at least weekly, I hope. For each day that we don’t draw something, we’ll owe the the other one a dollar.

We started on 12/21. So far I’ve posted mine (except today’s) — a dozen or so. Nick has drawn most of the days since 12/21, but hasn’t had time to post them yet. He might do that tomorrow.

Here it is: