I’m working on writing comics for about 4 weeks from now. Three weeks from now, Kranti goes to a neo-Luddite primitivist meeting and then gets kicked out, along with another person who’s not pure enough for this lifestyle group.

I’m torn about what happens next. Should the story go back to more unrequited love of Bananabelle for Chip, and Chip for Kranti? Should Kranti become friends with this character shown below? Should I name this character and decide on a gender, and make him or her a regular? Perhaps the two of them could walk back to Kranti’s home (12 miles away) and have adventures on the way. Perhaps s/he could take Kranti to wherever s/he lives. Perhaps they could meet up with Bunnista and blow up something.

I welcome your opinions! (Don’t comment here though because I have trouble with comments… I’ve posted this in my LiveJournal as well, here, or you can email me: steph at minimumsecurity dot net). But only if you won’t get mad if I don’t respond to all of them directly or follow your advice. Ultimately, it’s up to the muse.