— I’ve been working on a screenplay with the fabulous writer Derrick Jensen. It’s a comedy about a knitting circle that turns into a vigilante group to kill rapists. It should be done in a few weeks.

— I’m now on page 51 of coloring “As the World Burns” for the French edition. After today, I’ll be 1/4 done, right on schedule.

— Google links to my website again — yay! It de-listed it as a “site that spreads malware” (ugh!) while it was infected.

— My twitter account is still suspended, for some unknown reason. I sent in two inquiries about that, with no reply.

— My desktop pc died while I was away, so last week I bought a netbook, an eee pc. It’s tiny but as soon as I get up my courage (too many mechanical things going wrong lately!), I’m going to try connecting it to a bigger monitor. So far I haven’t used photoshop much on the netbook — for that I’m using an ancient macbook that I don’t have the admin password for (so it can only do very limited things, which includes photoshop thankfully).

My process:
1) scan cartoons onto the netbook,
2) transfer them to the mac with a jump drive for photoshopping,
3) transfer them back to the netbook for emailing and posting.

It feels ridiculously haphazard, but it works for now.