Today’s to-do list:

— Write 2 scenes for the screenplay (A: Marilyn kills a would-be rapist; B: Marilyn tells her mom she was right after all).
— Write five new scripts for Minimum Security strips.
— Draw a birthday card for my aunt.
— Call my brother.
— Order or buy a backup harddrive thing.
— Buy a headset for my phone.
— Exercise (one hour of dancing).
[EDITED TO ADD: — Draw one or preferably two editorial cartoons.
— Order a book for my mom on Amazon].
— If time tonight: color 6 pages of “As the World Burns.”

That should take me right to 2 a.m., depending on how generous the muse is today. Sometimes words come easy. Sometimes I sit in front of the blank screen in agony for a looooooong time.

Speaking of headsets for phones… these always seem to stop working after too short a time. It’s so annoying. They’re $15 to replace every time. I’m talking about the plug-in earbud things. I need one because I’m worried about brain tumors. I talk on the phone quite a bit — lately without a headset. I think the warmth of the phone is making gunk grow inside my ear. I can’t hear very well because of it, and it bothers me (oh yeah, add to my list: eat raw garlic. Maybe that’ll kill it). Also, I have a mysterious bump right behind my ear, which I first noticed six weeks ago. It’s not getting any bigger so I’m not going to the doctor yet. Back when I had health insurance, I wouldn’t have hesitated to get it checked out.