Yesterday I colored 8 pages of “As the World Burns,” got my cellphone thing, and wrote more on the screenplay. The attempted rape scene is scary and terrible, as it should be. The scene after, when Marilyn tells her mom, turned out good, I think. It seems okay to have serious scenes in a comedy. Some scenes just can’t be funny at all.

Here’s a different, lighter scene: Marilyn (15 years old) is talking with her mom’s best friend Brigitte. Derrick’s voice is very clear in this one, I think!

Brief excerpt:

Yes, the police. I’m not ashamed to suggest that. Why can’t you let them do their jobs, instead of taking it upon yourselves to commit horrible violence?

Marilyn. Do not insult our violence. It is not horrible. It’s very artistic, innovative and skilled. You think it’s easy to create such masterful and righteous violence? You think the police could do that?