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Today I’m going to the Keys with friends, to lie around on the beach and do nothing. I’m looking forward to it! I’ll come back Saturday.

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The current issue of Orion magazine has the first of a series of columns by Derrick Jensen, here:


“Think about global warming and attempts to ‘solve’ or ‘stop’ or ‘mitigate’ it. Global warming (or global climate catastrophe, as some rightly call it), as terrifying as it is, isn’t first and foremost a threat. It’s a consequence. I’m not saying pikas aren’t going extinct, or the ice caps aren’t melting, or weather patterns aren’t changing, but to blame global warming for those disasters is like blaming the lead projectile for the death of someone who got shot. I’m also not saying we shouldn’t work to solve, stop, or mitigate global climate catastrophe; I’m merely saying we’ll have a better chance of succeeding if we recognize it as a predictable (at this point) result of burning oil and gas, of deforestation, of dam construction, of industrial agriculture, and so on. The real threat is all of these.”