I had a nice time in Marathon, and returned this morning. I spent a lot of time swimming in the ocean and a pool. It’s weird — I live only 3 miles from the beach but I never go there unless I take people from out of town. Every time I do that, I enjoy it a lot and think I should go more often, but then I don’t go again until another visitor comes.

This evening I’ll draw some new comics to turn in Monday. Here are the scripts. They’re numbered according to the publication dates. Usually I make a few minor changes translating from script to strip.

Banana belle (sad): It’s ridiculous to love someone who‘s never going to love you back.
Chip: Neither of *US* would ever be that stupid!
Banana belle (sadder): Nope. Not us.
Chip: I know Kranti will love me, once she looks past my dazzling wealth and glamour.
Bananabelle: Some people can’t see past anything.

Chip: Someday Kranti will realize how much I love her. Then she’ll fall in love with me. That’s how it works. I got an A in math.
Bananabelle: Chip, you live in a Hallmark greeting card dream world.
Chip: It’s more of a Victoria’s Secret fantasy land.

Bananabelle: Why are you so crazy about Kranti? She loathes you.
Chip: She *loves* me.
Bananabelle: She has multiple restraining orders against you!
Chip (enraptured): Her lawyers say no, but her heart says yes.

Kranti (walking, sweating under a hot sun, and thinking): I loathe Chip. And his evil SUV. With its leather seats and its air conditioning. And its bourgeois cup holder. A cup holder that might be holding a cup of iced tea right now. A wet, cold refreshing cup of iced tea.
(Kranti walks).
Kranti:I loathe Chip and his evil SUV.

Kranti (smiling gamely): Cars are evil. When you walk, you notice your surroundings.
Kranti (smiling in a strained way): Walking is great exercise. It’s good for the environment.
(Kranti walks and sweats, no more smile). If cell phones weren‘t evil, I could call Nikko to pick me up.