Current count:
“As the World Burns” pages colored: 112 (The half-way point is passed! It’s a slog.)
Screenplay pages done: 91

* * *

Here’s part of a scene. Sandy’s a police officer who’s secretly on the side of the group of women who kill rapists with kitting needles. Clint is a fellow-officer who’s an asshole. They’re driving in separate police cars trying to apprehend Rob, who tried to buy an illegal quantity of knitting needles at a craft store to help the group, and is now on the run.

I’m still half a mile from the scene, Chief.

I said I’m on it. Go write some parking tickets, Dougher.

Sandy spots Rob, who is walking extreeeeeemly casually down the street, whistling, hiding his hand (with knitting needles) inside his trench coat.

Go for it, Officer. You’re obviously handling it better than I could.

Damn right.

Clint races his car into the parking lot and screeches to a stop. He pulls his gun and waves it around, causing various customers in the lot to scream and fall on the ground. He runs toward the store’s door.

Sandy drives very slowly next to Rob. Rob pretends not to notice her. He continues to whistle and saunter casually, but looks nervous. As he wipes sweat from his brow, he drops a needle. He looks horrified. Then the rest of them fall onto the sidewalk with a clatter. He looks at Sandy. She looks at him.

Better get in the back.

Rob picks up his needles, ineptly, and gets into the back of the squad car. He looks despondent.
Sandy drives. She doesn’t put cuffs on Rob, or lock the door.

I’m going to remove you from the area. It’s pretty hot around here.

Whew, it sure is. Would you mind turning on the AC?

That’s not what I meant, Rob.

You know who I am?!?

I’ve heard about you.

You probably heard about my exploits as a Lone Wolf Secret Undercover Agent.

Sandy drives a while, then stops the car in the parking lot of a fast food restaurant and gets out. She leans back inside to talk to Rob.

I’m going to the bathroom. I’ll be gone for three minutes. Wait right here. Don’t open this unlocked door and run away to avoid arrest during the three minutes that I’m leaving you here unobserved.

Sandy goes into the restaurant. Rob waits patiently. She returns, and looks disgusted to see him still there.

That was way longer than three minutes.

Sandy gets into the front seat and starts flipping through paperwork.

Oops, I left your door unlocked and I forgot to put cuffs on you! You could probably escape if you run fast. Or even if you jogged at a moderate pace.

Rob holds out his hands for cuffs.
Sandy sighs.

We’ll try this one more time. Hit me. Make it look good. I mean bad.

Are you crazy? I can’t hit you!

Sandy, frustrated, rests her head on the steering wheel.

Unit One, have you spotted the suspect yet? We have confirmed his identity as Rob Newman. He is armed with five knitting needles, and therefore extremely dangerous. He is believed to be the terrorist mastermind behind the Ice Queen Murders. Deadly force is in order. Don’t even pause to beat him up — just shoot him on sight.

Rob looks terrified, makes a little whimpering noise, and meets Sandy’s eyes in the rear view mirror.

What the hell do I have to do to help you escape? Run, you idiot!