I hardly slept at all last night, and when I did my dreams were horrible. Ugh. OF course this was the day I had an early morning meeting.

I’ll start with the interview questions again tomorrow. Today’s task list:

— Go to the post office (DONE!)
— Take a nap and think of jokes for editorial cartoons while dreaming.
— Exercise.
— Get a new mouse (again) because this (new) one broke when it fell on the floor a few minutes ago.
— Catch up on emails — I’m days behind.
— Draw 3 sample editorial cartoons for a newspaper interested in running my work.
— Color six pages of “As the World Burns.”

If I manage all that, then:

— Draw the next five Minimum Security comics.
— Finish cleaning the huge piles of paper off my desk.
— Set up wifi and new computer for my mom.

Okay. Time to start.