Back to the interview:

4. MINIMUM SECURITY is syndicated on United Media’s website. How did you hook up with them?

Over the years I received many form rejection letters from all the major syndicates. When Ted Rall became Editor of Acquisitions at United, with the mission of bringing a new generation of cartoonists onto the comics pages, he told me “Minimum Security” was on his short list. I was thrilled, of course. It started running on, and I increased the pace to five days a week. It was in line to be syndicated in print when the economy fell into decline, and newspapers began dropping more features than they were buying.

5. Where do you stand in the print comics vs. web comics debate?

Squarely on both sides. I want my cartoons to be everywhere.

I’m not going to reject methods of making a living from my work — I try it all. I’ve sold artwork on eBay. I have a website with advertising and stuff for sale, and I’m striving to increase the income from that, learning as much as I can from successful webcartoonists. At the same time, print might be dying or it might not, but as long as it’s still around, I want my cartoons to be there. My comics appear in several print publications, including a daily paper. I’m also negotiating right now with another daily paper to run a regular editorial cartoon. I draw original cartoons for magazines, and sell reprints. Presently I’m working on coloring the pages for a French edition of my graphic novel. After that I have another graphic novel in the pipeline, and illustrations for two other books.

I think the “print vs. web” comics debate is ridiculous, frankly. Some people obviously make money in each realm. Most don’t. It’s the work that’s important — why would anyone want to limit where it appears?

6. The web affords a great deal of creative freedom. Would you be interested in doing a traditional newspaper strip?

I’ve been drawing “Minimum Security” in the visual style and form of a traditional strip for more than two years, so absolutely yes. In spite of the condition of newspapers, I still have the goal of getting it onto the comics pages. I’m stubborn.

* * *


7. What’s the future of comics? The Internet? iTunes? The Kindle?

8. Tell us about your graphic novel, “As the World Burns: 50 Simple Things You Can Do to Stay in Denial.”