Woo-hoo! I’m done with the six-week coloring marathon! I was up until 2 a.m. last night — I was NOT going to wake up this morning and still have to color. The last few pages were endless, because of all the animals.

Here’s a page from the final battle scene:

Now back to the interview:

16. What’s the best part about being a cartoonist?

The absolute best thing, and the reason I do this, is when readers tell me I’ve helped clarify issues for them, or have bolstered their strength to resist the system. I love drawing cartoons, but if I could better assist resistance by writing, I’d write. If I could better assist resistance by washing windows, I’d wash windows.

The second best thing is to be in charge of my own work. I hated having a job and being told what to do. I’m highly motivated and work hard, but if someone with authority over me tells me what to do, I automatically don’t want to do it. I’ve always been contrary that way.

17. Have you met any of your cartoonist idols? Under what circumstances?

I’ve met cartoonists and others in the arts whose work I very much admire. I go to conventions and discuss things with a group of lefty political cartoonists called “Cartoonists With Attitude” (cartoonistswithattitude.org), and I feel lucky to count them as friends. Their work inspires me, some for many years.

18. What advice would you give aspiring cartoonists?

If you want to make a living at it, be prepared for a hard road. You must be driven, determined, and love to write and draw. You should be willing to learn business and marketing skills, and be flexible enough to adapt to a constantly shifting media landscape. If you can be persistent, it’s incredibly rewarding to look back on a body of work that you can be proud of.

Most importantly, make cartoons that give voice to what you most care about. The world needs more art of all kinds created by people who are passionate about their issues, and less meaningless crap created to target the latest trendy marketing niche.

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19. How important are awards?

20. What’s something that nobody knows about you?