Last week I was in Seattle, at the annual convention of the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists. It was a great working convention. Last year, cartoonists seemed like deer caught in headlights as many were laid off and the newspaper industry crumbled. This year was more about picking up the pieces and figuring out what to do.

Highlights for me included participating in a panel discussion on graphic novels, a lunch meeting with fellow members of Cartoonists With Attitude, dinner next to Mike Peters (who is probably the friendliest person on Earth), and hearing original piano music by Steve Artley from his musical about a rabbit who helps liberate other animals from a lab (a theme we have in common!) I also had a very nice lunch with a friend I hadn’t seen for about 22 years, and he looked exactly the same. He showed me the famous Seattle Wall of Gum.

After that I took the bus with friends to Portland, where I got to pet some very soft and adorable chickens. Chickens are inherently comedic. I think it’s their feet.