I’m adding comments back in here. When I first started using wordpress, I was so overwhelmed with spam that I had to turn them off. Now I have spam-seeking missiles that should take care of that problem.

* * *

I just finished coloring a new batch of comics. I had exceptional fun with them, because they include a tapir, monkeys, and Bunnista with bolt cutters. They’ll be posted 8/10-8/14. I love drawing animals!

Derrick Jensen’s children’s book, which will be published by Flashpoint/PM Press, now has a title: “Mischief in the Forest: A Yarn Yarn.” I’m going to draw the illustrations. I need to finish the cover design by the end of this month so it can be put into the catalog. I’m also designing the cover for another book of his, a compilation of interviews called “Conquest and Repression: Interviews Against Empire.” I’ll need to find some crumbling stone and ancient barred windows to photograph for that one. Hmmm.

I wish the days were longer so I could do all the things I want to do! My brain is bursting with ideas for more projects. I make notes to keep track of them, so that someday when I’m bored (I’m never bored, but it could conceivably happen), I’ll remember to do them then.

I was talking with a friend about ideas for t-shirts. Here’s one that made us laugh:
“Girls make passes at boys who cut greenhouse gasses.”