Oh my god, I’m so pleased about the fabulous entries for the acronym contest that Bunnista has received so far!!! People are so creative and funny! I love that.

For those coming in late, here’s what it’s about:

Bunnista, the one-eyed bunny in my comic strip “Minimum Security,” is charged with organizing a fifth column of humans to save the planet. Victoria, the revolutionary leader and a guinea pig, is bad at making up catchy names. So Bunnista is holding a contest in the hope that someone can think of one with a less wretched acronym than EERF.

Here’s his appeal: http://minimumsecurity.net/blog/2009/10/20/assistance-needed/

And here’s the narrative lead-up to it (though it goes back way further if you want to read back):

The person who makes up the best one wins a “Minimum Security” fun pack, which includes, among other things, a free copy of “As the World Burns.”

The deadline is Nov. 8.

* * * * *

Here are a few examples of the many ideas people have sent in during the last couple of days:

RABBIT – Rebellion Against Brainless Bipeds Infecting Terra (the Earth)

W.T.F. – Wildlife Task Force

C.U.T.I.E. – Creatures United Together Invasion Effort

AARGH (Animal Action Regaining Global Hegemony)

Eliminate All Rotten Trashy Humans = EARTH

BITER – Bipedal Interface Team for Environmental Rescue

GREEN – Global Response to Environmental Emergencies Now

AUToPC (pronounced as autopsy) Animals for the Unethical Treatment Of
People Coalition

FERAL – *F*reedom *E*arth *R*esistors *A*ct for *L*ife!

CRASH: Catastrophic Rework Against Societal Havoc

The Earth’s Radical Revolutionary Army, or T.E.R.R.A.