Bunnista has received more than 150 entries for his Save-Our-Acronym contest! It’s going to be so hard to decide — there are so many fabulous ones. Thanks to all who entered!! The winning one has to be witty, catchy, powerful in both name and acronym, simple and easy to remember, and politically perfect (balancing maximum inclusiveness with the appropriate amount of militancy).

You have through Saturday to give your opinion about the following list, and/or submit your own ideas! You can comment here or send them to saveouracronym@minimumsecurity.net.

Here are some at the top of his list right now:

Radicals Against Industrial Destruction (RAID)

Dedicated Individuals Smashing Machines And Nations To Liberate Earth (DISMANTLE)

Really Angry Group of Earthlings (RAGE)

Lead Environmental Action Force (LEAF)

Force for the Response to Environmental Emergencies (FREE)

Wildlife Task Force (WTF)

The Earth’s Radical Revolutionary Army (TERRA)

Retaliation Against Global Ecocide (RAGE)

* * *

Here are some that he probably won’t pick, but are just awesomely cute and thus must be mentioned:

Leninist Anarcho-Proletariats for Imposing a Non-civilized
Earth (LAPINE)

Fungi, Lagomorphs And Mammals with Explosives (FLAME)

Rebellion Against Brainless Bipeds Infecting Terra (RABBIT)

Coalition of Human Anti-Capitalists Helping Animals Conquer Hominid Abuse (CHA-CHA CHA)