I’ve started posting over on Ted Rall’s blog (rall.com). A couple of people there, in response to my repost of “Capitalists Can Never Stop Killing the Planet,” have asked what I think we should do. I get asked that sometimes, so here are some ideas right off the top of my head:

1) As individuals, figure out how to use our talents, positions and resources in the most effective ways possible to expose the system’s oppressive nature, and physically undermine its ability to function. Strengthen, encourage and support those who want to defend the planet; ridicule, discredit and weaken those who want to destroy it.

2) Form affinity groups and connections with trusted friends to do the above more effectively and on a larger scale.

3) Network with allies and other groups, unite with them as broadly as possible, and find ways of stirring up large-scale disruptions and social disorder to weaken governments’ (plural) ability to rule.

4) Debate and discuss on all levels of society (small to large scale), to develop the principles, theory and strategy we need to form a cohesive movement to defeat those in power, dismantle this system and re-organize human activity to be socially just and sustainable.

How’s that for a start? The hard part isn’t to figure out what to do. The question is, are we willing to do the necessary work?