I’m in the final push to finish up “Mischief in the Forest.” Derrick had asked me to “add some magic,” so I’ve been attempting to do that with texture and pattern and shadow. I hope I’m succeeding. I’ll put a couple of “before and after” images below. Whether or not they’re magical, at least they’re improved!

I’m also in the final 11 days left with Kickstarter fundraising, and only $928 away from the goal of $6000 for printing costs. I’m afraid of seeming tacky to ask for more support now when our focus on support is (and ought to be) on Haiti, but if I don’t make it to the end, then we don’t collect any of the pledges and will lose the $5072 pledged so far. So if you can, your contribution would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Page 33 BEFORE:

(I added grass, texture for the sweater, and texture on the walkway, and shadows).

Page 7 BEFORE:

(I added sweater texture, and leaf pattern).

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