Hi all!

I have three items of news:

1) Seven Stories Press has begun running a webcomic version of my graphic novel co-created with Derrick Jensen, updated Tuesdays and Thursdays, in full color. You can follow it here:


I added the color for the French version of the printed book, which will be published in March by La Boite à Bulles

“A great read, a groundbreaking volume of graphic literature and a political polemic of the first order.” — Ted Rall

2) I was interviewed for the premier show of “Radio Against Global Ecocide,” here:


There are several other inspiring and informative podcasts there that I highly recommend. 

3) “Mischief in the Forest” (the children’s book by Derrick Jensen, illustrated by me) achieved its Kickstarter goal and is fully funded! Thank you to all for your support. The book will be published in May through PM Press.