by Stephanie McMillan

The moment is ripening. Can you sense the building tension? The simultaneous unease and anticipation? The global capitalist system is breaking apart at last. Millions of angry, dispossessed, exploited, poisoned people the world over are beginning to challenge its existence, are making their decisions and steeling themselves to kick it down and keep it down. They are ready to go all in, to confront the system no matter what the consequences to themselves, to do whatever it takes to destroy the evil machine that’s sucking the life out of this planet and all its people. With the revolution in Nepal to the Naxalites in India, to the anti-capitalists and anarchists of Europe, the indigenous rebels of Latin America and Africa, the discontent rumbling barely under the surface here in the US – the global uprising is gaining steam.

The system is flailing in weakness and panic. Even its escalation of frantic shoveling of cash into the pockets of the rich is a sign that the party’s almost over. There’s no more attempt to hide or soften the plunder of the planet of its last remaining bits of life. Those in power are scrambling, knowing they have no solutions, no way out of this situation, nothing to offer us but fire and blood.

We must brace ourselves and cast aside our fear, if we are to seize this rare opportunity. The moment is approaching, the moment that we’ve been waiting for all our lives. It’s time for each of us to decide where we stand, to step up and do whatever it is we’re going to do to push this situation forward as hard as we can. For the first time since the late 1960s the system is stumbling, exposed in all its horrors, and the people of the world are standing up in defiance, with dreams of freedom. We might actually stand a chance. Finally, finally.