My outrage at what is happening in the Gulf has generated a lot of ideas for Code Green comics. I’ll probably do some extras this week. Want to help me decide which ones to do first? Which would you choose? Here’s my list:

Image: A bunch of protesters stand in front of BP, sweltering in the hot sun, holding signs that are lame because they are overly polite: “If you wouldn’t mind…” etc.
Person to friend: We’ve got them where we want them. Only 10000000000 more hours of protests to go before they *have* to listen.
Person 2 (kneeling and praying, reading a book: “Obama’s Prayer Manual”): Don’t forget praying.

Obama (dressed as general with opulent uniform and hat, rubber boots and sword held aloft, standing in oily water): Because war rhetoric usually suckers the American people: JOIN MY GLORIOUS WAR ON ERROR!

Caption: BP committed at least 760 “egregious” and “willful” safety violations
during the last 3 years.
BP official (yelling at the sky): It was a tragic, random, accidental act-of-God accident. Damn you, God!

Image: Person (standing on dead planet covered with corpses and toxic waste, indignant): Sure, civilization has its costs. But it’s so convenient. Hey – got any food?

Image: 2 people are at the edge of the oily Gulf.
Person 1: This is nothing new. Oil companies already wrecked huge areas in Ecuador and the Niger Delta.
Person 2: When I demanded an end to outsourcing, I meant jobs.

Image: BP and US officials hold up large banner with photo pristine beach scene, hiding real oil-poisoned beach behind them.
One: We don’t block media access.
Other: Take all the photos you want.

Image: 2 people stands in ruined landscape, with mushroom cloud, toxic water, fires, etc.
Person 1: *THIS* catastrophe is *FINALLY* going to make everyone understand that our way of life is unsustainable.
Person 2: I think I need one more oil spill.

Image: Person stands in ruined landscape.
Person: Technology will fix it.