On Monday, a small group went inside the BP command center in New Orleans to confront those responsible for the spill.


This protest was symbolic; a small number of people couldn’t really disrupt the activities of BP.

Imagine, though, if they had a few hundred angry and determined people. Then they could have shut that place down.

Small numbers + confrontation = symbolic (with potential for effectiveness)

* * *

Hundreds or thousands of people will hold hands on beaches worldwide this weekend, protesting the catastrophe in the Gulf and demanding an end to offshore drilling.


This might be personally cathartic for some, but how will this stop the atrocities? Will the oil companies and governments of the world care about what people want, and respond accordingly? They have demonstrated time and again that they do not, and will not.

Large numbers – confrontation = symbolic (without potential for effectiveness)

* * *

On Sunday in Oakland, CA, hundreds of people blockaded an Israeli ship to protest Israel’s blockade of Gaza. The union workers at the docks refused to cross the picket line, and commerce was disrupted.


Large numbers + confrontation = effective action!

This is why it’s important to confront the actual centers of power. Location, location, location.

* * *

How will the people overthrow those in power, and put a stop to exploitation and ecocide?

Large numbers + organization + a plan + confrontation = revolution