There are a few right-wing nutcases who love to comment on my cartoons at ( There are other, more insightful and supportive people too, who weigh in. (Thank you to the latter!!)

The current storyline is making the nuts go ballistic! In their arguments, they seem to believe that this comic strip is real. They seem THAT passionate when they denounce Kranti, especially. And they equate her, as the central character, with me.

Just to be clear, she is not me. She has thoughts and desires and impulses that I understand, and that I am exploring. I don’t always agree with her. This story is a thought experiment — testing in a narrative what is viable and what is not, in terms of transforming the social/economic/political structure.

Anyway, all this has made me think I have underestimated the power of storytelling. I find it fascinating.