Press Action has awarded me “Cartoonist of the Year” for 2010. Thank you PA!

Here’s the page:

Their description:

Minimum Security cartoonist Stephanie McMillan took her comic strip’s fans on a riotous journey in 2010 as her cast of characters pondered life in an economically depressed world where the political and corporate elite work hard to dupe the masses into believing a viable future depends on waging endless wars against other people and the Earth. McMillan’s strip explores a wide range of potential strategies and tactics for resistance against the dominant culture. In spring 2010, McMillan took Minimum Security to a new level by transitioning from a joke-a-day format into a long-form narrative. “It’s now a story about how a group of friends goes through twists and turns while figuring out how to effectively fight the system,” McMillan told Mickey Z. in a recent interview. Among her many other projects, McMillan also draws a weekly editorial cartoon called Code Green that focuses on the global environmental emergency.