From Earth Day (April 22) 2010 to late 2012, Minimum Security comic strips comprise a single, coherent narrative. Each strip doesn’t have its own joke, but there’s plenty of humor, as well as a long-term plot, suspense, and lots of explosions. Here’s the start of the story:

“The Minimum Security Chronicles: Resistance to Ecocide” will be published as a graphic novel, Fall 2013, Seven Stories Press.

“The Minimum Security Chronicles: Resistance to Ecocide” tells the story of a group of friends who live on a planet being destroyed by evil corporate overlords (that would be, take a wild guess, Earth). Some of them vow to do whatever it takes to stop ecocide. How? They aren’t sure. As they build a resistance movement, those who love them the most can be their biggest obstacles.

Here are the main characters:

Kranti : Her name means “revolution” in Hindi. Beneath her harsh, uncompromising exterior is a person really hard to get along with. After spending two years erasing her carbon footprint by living as a re-wilded neo-primitivist in her brother’s back yard, wearing leaves and eating grubs, she noticed that her grueling lifestyle went unnoticed by those in power, and did nothing to hinder their destruction of the planet. She decides to try a more effective strategy: fighting back.
Bananabelle: Kranti’s best friend since preschool, Bananabelle is a lovely, cheerful person with a good heart, but her loyalties are divided. A sustainable economy, or swanky shoes? She’d like both. She’ll help out at a community garden or attend a protest, but she’s not sure about all this revolution business – a little love and being a good example ought to be sufficient.
Nikko: Kranti’s younger brother, a computer genius, knows that the Earth is doomed. Rather than waste his life on a lost cause, he plays video games like it’s 1999.
Javier: Nikko’s boyfriend is a musician. His genre, Animist Riot-Polkacore for the accordion, ensures that he’ll always be a frustrated one. Nevertheless, he’s dedicated his art, such as it is, to the struggle. The struggle expresses polite gratitude while turning down the volume.
Bunnista: He’s an action-oriented rabbit, furious about the shrinking wilderness, the vivisection that took his eye, and pretty much everything else as well. Impatient with the fine points of political philosophy, all he wants is to destroy human civilization. His favorite method is blowing up infrastructure.
Victoria: A guinea pig with a vision, she’s the brains of the Resistance and its Minister of Agit-Prop. She’s all about plan, strategy, tactics, ideology and method. Possessing logic and clarity, she serves as the fuzzy, potato-shaped mastermind of the revolution.
Chip: The cultured son of a major corporate bigwig, he has everything except the one thing he really craves: Kranti’s love. He’d settle for her lukewarm indifference, but he doesn’t even get that. When he calls her on his diamond-studded, solid gold cell phone, she never answers — alas, alas. Bananabelle, however, thinks he’s the hottest thing since this season’s Manolo Blahniks.