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Two days ago I was outraged to hear of an attempt on the life of Yannick Etienne of Batay Ouvriye (Workers Fight) in Haiti. Below is a statement from the Rapid Response Network about it, which I’m trying to spread wherever I can. Please take a moment to read it, and if you agree, to participate as specified at the end, and share with friends. I’ve met Yannick several times and have been hugely inspired by her integrity and courage; indeed by everyone in Batay Ouvriye that I’ve had the good fortune to come in contact with. Her life is completely dedicated to the struggle of the international working class against capitalism. If we want that too, we need to take a stand to defend her and her work.

In the coming days there is a plan to gather and distribute more information, including an audio interview with Yannick. I’ll send those out too.




RRNlogoUrgent: take action with the Rapid Response Network!

*Militant union organizer attacked in Port-au-Prince*

Back Off, Thugs: We Will Defend Yannick Etienne!

On January 30, an assassination attempt was made on Yannick Etienne, a militant of Batay Ouvriye (Workers Fight), in the SONAPI industrial zone of Port-au-Prince. The perpetrators were flunkies of the NGO/yellow union CNOHA (Central National Workers of Haiti).

The events are described by a statement by the Executive Committee of SOTA-BO (Union of Textile and Garment Workers-Batay Ouvriye), which can be accessed at:


The Rapid Response Network stands in solidarity with our sister, who has been a steadfast and courageous organizer for decades, at great personal risk and sacrifice. Batay Ouvriye is a rarity in this world: a genuinely autonomous and combative workers organization, and we will not stand by and allow collaborationist thugs to harm its militants!

Yannick belongs to the struggle, belongs to the entire international working class. Anyone who faces her with violence, will have to face all of us!

We Stand in Solidarity with the International Working Class!

We exhort our friends and sympathizers to also denounce this act internationally, and put CNOHA on notice that they will not get away with harming Yannick!

2 ways to take action:

1) Add your signature to this statement here:


2) Email CNOHA at cnoha.haiti@ymail.com and its leader Dominique St. Eloi: sainteloid@yahoo.com

(Please cc Batay Ouvriye: batay@batayouvriye.org)

Some points you could include in your email:

We denounce this foul attack on Yannick Etienne!
We stand with Yannick, Batay Ouvriye, and the struggle of Haitian workers!
Your actions are being watched internationally. BACK OFF!

In solidarity and struggle,

The Rapid Response Network