The Kickstarter campaign for the “Daily Affirmations for Revolutionary Militants” desk calendar has reached the half-way-point — thank you so much to all who have helped the project get this far! There’s another 17 days and a ways to go, so it would really help if you could continue to share/retweet/repost this link with your networks:

In response to several requests, I’ve added reward categories for those who’d like to get multiple copies to share with friends and family. A $60 pledge gets 5 copies (you save $40), and a $110 pledge gets 10 (you save $90). Those who have already pledged can change to these, if you so desire.

A few more updates:

My interview with Mark Hand about these Affirmations was posted on TruthOut yesterday, here:

At Left Forum in NYC this weekend (May 29-31), I’ll be at a table in the Exhibitors section pretty much the whole time. It’s listed as “Proletarian Alternative & WW3 Magazine” (we’re sharing). If you’re there, please stop by!