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Added to the shop: "Code Green" – a book of editorial cartoons about the environmental emergency


156 pages, full color

$27.95 $20; free shipping in US (international postage rates apply)

Addresses serious issues with humor and wit, and the illustrations are fantastic.” – Amazon customer

“Code Green” is the award-winning editorial cartoon about the global environmental emergency. During its 3-year run, it was the only editorial cartoon in the US devoted solely to ecological issues. Topics include pipelines, oil spills, radiation, pollution, species extinction, and global warming. The individual cartoons have been reprinted in hundreds of venues worldwide; this is the complete collection all in one place.



Buy “Code Green” Now:

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New coloring book! "100 Affirmations for Revolutionaries"!

affcoverfrontonlyAn inspiring coloring book for anti-capitalists of all ages!

In print: $11.92, available on Amazon:

OR print-your-own: just $5, available at

There are plenty of coloring books intended to help us achieve serenity or express our creativity. But none to address the needs of those of us working for revolution to overthrow capitalism.

Until now!

These 100 Affirmations (two per page) combine cute animal and plant drawings with serious revolutionary messages for contemplation and inspiration. After coloring, cut them out to display or to share with comrades to spark conversations. Start a local coloring group and discuss revolutionary strategy!


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New item: "Revolutionary Proletarian Militant" patch!


Patch – “Revolutionary Proletarian Militant”

Wear your politics on your sleeve with this embroidered patch featuring Bunnista. It can be either ironed or sewn on. Diameter: 3″.

$6 each; $25 for each multiple of five – FREE shipping in US.

Single or Bulk

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"Daily Affirmations for Revolutionary Militants" calendars are here!

“Cute in a class war kinda way.”
–Bryan Ellis


After a year of drawing, months of putting them together, and more months of waiting, the “Daily Affirmations for Revolutionary Militants” perpetual calendars finally arrived and are now available! Photos of their arrival are below. I’ve already started shipping out the first orders. My home has been converted temporarily into a warehouse/mail center.

I want to thank, again, the many readers and friends who helped make these possible first by asking me to make them, and then funding the initial production run through Kickstarter. I appreciate all your support and encouragement!

“For that revolutionary who has everything – or more likely wants almost nothing, this is the right present. Stephanie McMillan’s work is clever, accessible and right on. Arm chair liberals can pass on this one; if you are scared by the artist calling herself a “revolutionary” this is the wrong desk calendar for you. If you think radical, militant protest and action is necessary to keep this world from imploding at the hands of industrial capitalism, this calendar is for you.”

–Paxus Calta Star

3 pallets of calendars arrive by truck.
3 pallets of calendars arrive by truck.
They're unloaded...
They’re unloaded…
150 boxes of ten each!
150 boxes of ten each!
And they look great!
And they look great!

$20 each; $35 for two. + $6 shipping in US (for each one; that’s the actual cost). For international shipping, the price also reflects the actual cost.

Choose quantity & shipping location

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New poster available!

18″x24″ Poster: Affirmations for Revolutionary Proletarian Militants

Stay motivated to keep on fighting to change the world, with the help of this poster with 20 inspirational messages!




1. Contentment is for people in denial. I do not accept social injustice, exploitation, or ecocide.
2. My purpose is not for petty gains, but for radical social transformation.
3. I’m committed to the struggle for the long haul. It isn’t a game or hobby; it’s my life.
4. When I face a choice, I decide what to do based on the interests of the revolution.
5. I take every opportunity to help people understand the nature of the system and to join the struggle.
6. I don’t engage in self-destructive habits. I remain strong and alert for the struggle.
7. I am willing to listen to constructive criticism, so I can rectify my errors.
8. I avoid distractions and focus on my fundamental goal.
9. The problem is not me; it is the global capitalist/imperialist system.
10. I don’t blame individuals for social problems. Yet it is our responsibility for ending the system that causes them.
11. Everyone has a skill, talent, experience or insight that can contribute to the struggle.
12. I surround myself with sincere people who share common goals of ending exploitation and domination.
13. We will never be satisfied with reforms to the existing system. Our goal is nothing less than a classless and sustainable society.
14. Even when I’m alone, I stand up for what I understand to be true.
15. I do not avoid struggle; it is how people and history advance.
16. I don’t argue for argument’s sake. Instead I engage in political struggle so as to better understand reality.
17. Our nature is cooperative. If we work collectively, we can overcome the system that is crushing us.
18. I don’t jump to premature conclusions. Before making a judgment I investigate a matter fully.
19. I realize my loved ones are ideologically dominated, and have compassion for them as I struggle with them.
20. As I face each day, I determine my priorities, based on my long-term goal of proletarian revolution.

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New book available! "The Beginning of the American Fall"

“The Beginning of the American Fall: A Comics Journalist Inside the Occupy Wall Street Movement”

2012, Seven Stories Press.

“With delightful full-color drawings, interviews, dialogue, description, and insightful reflections, this book chronicles the first several months of the fragile and contradictory movement. It situates detailed personal experiences and representative narratives within the broad context of a truly unique and historical global conjuncture. This book will stand as a record of the emerging movement in accessible comics form.”

$16.95 – FREE shipping in US

Please note: for international shipping of one book, please add $10. For other quantities, please email me:

International Shipping $10:

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Earth at Risk DVD available

This DVD includes videos of the talks given at Earth at Risk, an event in Berkeley, CA, in November 2011. The speakers are: Derrick Jensen, Lierre Keith, Waziyatawin, Thomas Linzey, Aric McBay, Arundhati Roy, and myself.

$20 each – FREE shipping in US.

[PLEASE NOTE: Ships after July 17, 2012].

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Embroidered patch available: The Knitting Circle Rapist Annihilation Squad

Patch – “The Knitting Circle Rapist Annihilation Squad”

This embroidered patch is on the cover of a novel I co-wrote with Derrick Jensen (due out September 2012 from PM Press/Flashpoint). It can be either ironed or sewn on. Measurements: 3.5″ x 3″.

$6 each; $25 for each multiple of five – FREE shipping in US.

Single or Bulk