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A Personal Note

I’ve been in a major transition period, going through some significant  changes in my life during the past year or so.

First, a wonderful person came into my life, and we fell in love. Chris is my soul mate.

Second, Workers Power became the main political initiative I’m involved with. It’s not perfect or big, and has many ups and downs, but I fit there, and believe the world is better with it than without it.

Third, I’ve been reflecting a lot on my life and work, confronting and trying to overcome habits like co-dependency, people-pleasing, dogmatism and arrogance. I’ve always had a hard time being openly myself (insofar as that’s possible in this social context), as opposed to what I’ve been convinced to believe I “should” be. I regret the damage that’s done to myself and others…but I’m learning and evolving.

Fourth, I’ve stopped drawing editorial cartoons and commissioned illustrations for a living. I didn’t want to keep working on others’ projects while neglecting my own, and too many clients demanded more compromises of message than I was willing to concede.

Fifth, my friend Eric generously left me a gift when he died, of enough money to open an art studio. While Chris still works as a truck driver, he’s also involved in the studio with me. We hold classes and events, while practicing and improving our artistic skills, and we’re working hard to make it grow enough to support us.

Finally, I have many projects and plans in mind and in progress, both political and not directly so. Among them: to pull together a lot of scattered work I’ve already done and make it easily available.