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Audio interview: Peace & Justice Report

Here’s a half-hour audio interview I did with Bob Connors of the Peace & Justice Report, for WSLR (Sarasota, FL), talking about “Affirmations for Revolutionary Militants,” what is capitalism, the role of art in a revolutionary movement, how to organize, why the working class needs to lead our way out of this nightmare, what got me started personally, and more!

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Imperialism & Anti-Imperialism


Imperialism & Anti-Imperialism
[slides in caps]


I’m going to give a brief, general definition of imperialism, and talk about the need to build a strong anti-imperialist mass movement, and what that means.

Though empires have existed before capitalism, imperialism is a specific stage of capitalism. More than simply an aggregate of national economies, imperialism is an integrated world system that is linked to a qualitatively increased socialization of production (meaning, many people, even in different countries, working on the same products), and the complete partition and control of the world by the capitalist class.
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"Capitalism Must Die!" on video!

“Capitalism Must Die!” – the slide presentation with comics that later evolved into the book – is now on video!

It’s a 26-minute introduction to what capitalism is and why it must be abolished. One way that people are using it is to show it in small groups, and then skype with me to discuss it. If anyone wants to do that, please email me.

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Earth at Risk DVD available

This DVD includes videos of the talks given at Earth at Risk, an event in Berkeley, CA, in November 2011. The speakers are: Derrick Jensen, Lierre Keith, Waziyatawin, Thomas Linzey, Aric McBay, Arundhati Roy, and myself.

$20 each – FREE shipping in US.

[PLEASE NOTE: Ships after July 17, 2012].