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Press Action Award

Press Action has awarded me “Cartoonist of the Year” for 2010. Thank you PA!

Here’s the page:

Their description:

Minimum Security cartoonist Stephanie McMillan took her comic strip’s fans on a riotous journey in 2010 as her cast of characters pondered life in an economically depressed world where the political and corporate elite work hard to dupe the masses into believing a viable future depends on waging endless wars against other people and the Earth. McMillan’s strip explores a wide range of potential strategies and tactics for resistance against the dominant culture. In spring 2010, McMillan took Minimum Security to a new level by transitioning from a joke-a-day format into a long-form narrative. “It’s now a story about how a group of friends goes through twists and turns while figuring out how to effectively fight the system,” McMillan told Mickey Z. in a recent interview. Among her many other projects, McMillan also draws a weekly editorial cartoon called Code Green that focuses on the global environmental emergency.

7 thoughts on “Press Action Award

  1. Hey Stephanie ,
    That is great and well deserved!!


    1. Thanks so much, Ivor!

  2. Congratulations Stephanie! Keep on doing what you love to do the most! Thank you for creating Mini 🙂

  3. Mazel tov. Well deserved recognition.

  4. Wow! And the hits just keep a-comin’! A well-deserved award, and they didn’t just pull your name out of a hat! I knew you were destined for greatness back in the day when you were in a little weekly paper up here in Victoria, B.C. Beatin’ up on Bush and the idiocracy. Said it before, I’ll say it again, you go, girl!!

    1. Talos, it’s nice to hear from you! I hope you’re well. Thank you for your nice comment!

  5. Kudos and you get a message across too! Best of both worlds.

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