12/24/10: Interview on radio show Terra Verde, on KPFA

7/28/10: It’s Time to Declare Code Green, by Mickey Z. on Discovery’s Planet Green

7/5/10: Interview on Think Twice Radio, with Susan Marie

1/23/10: Interview on Radio Against Global Ecocide, by Seymour Lyphe

11/29/09: 20 Questions on A Nickel’s Worth, by Scott Nickel

10/5/09: Radio interview on “What Now”, by Ken Rose

8/13/09: Review of “As the World Burns” in Broward/Palm Beach New Times, by Erica Landau

3/09: Cartooning Resistance: An Interview with Z Magazine, by Kyle Boggs

3/31/08: Interview with Epic India, by Richard Marcus

12/29/07: Reivew of “As the World Burns” in BlogCritics, by Richard Marcus

4/13/06: “Can’t Make a Decision, Ladies? Call Bill Napoli,” In These Times, by Mikhaela Reid

3/29/06: “My Dinner with Napoli,” The Raw Story, by Nancy Goldstein

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