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Commercial or institutional nonprofit entities: please contact me for cartoon reprints. My rates are reasonable and negotiated on an individual basis.

Activists and organizers: if you want to add one of my images to a flyer or newsletter or website you’re putting together as your own part of our generally common fight against exploitation and ecocide, feel free (you don’t need to ask).


I love hearing from readers!!! Feel free to write to me. I try to respond to all emails that are friendly and constructive. However, my time is limited so please don’t feel bad if I don’t reply.

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  1. I just wanted to say that i absolutely LOVE your webcomic. It’s fucking brilliant, and one of the funniest and also most astute comics i’ve ever read.
    We hear more and more about emissions rising and ocean acidification and we are face with complete denial or trivialization by politicians.
    Keep up the wonderful work!

  2. Stephanie, you totally rock. You’re a light in the dark and one of the few artists that put a smirk on my face in these bleak times. Sometimes your comics take the words right out of my mouth. Keep on killing it for all us who despair at the denial and ignorance of our leadership.

    1. Thank you for saying that, Chris! It means a lot to me to hear this.

  3. Stephanie –

    Fantastic cartoons, these are an awesome way of educating people about what’s going on in a way that brings a laugh.

    What about bringing you cartoons to a greater number of people by adding WordPress social media plugins like SexyBookmarks? I use it on my site, a good way to make it easy for people to easily share your work and increase your exposure.

  4. Like the observation about high fructose corn syrup. Now tell that it is a MANUFACTURED product that contains Mercury! That might actually get someone’s attn, but i dont hold out much hope

  5. I was reading your “Minimum Security” comic today (5/18/12). Bananabelle pulled a gun on the rich guy (sorry I’ve forgotten his name). The problem isn’t men like him alone. The problem is the stockholders that want to see their investment “grow”. The various officers of corporations are required by law to make the stockholder’s investment “grow”. In turn, the stockholders are protected from any corporate misdeeds by limited liability laws. Since stocks are the heart and soul of capitalism, doing away with limited liability laws would go a long way to ending corporate crime. If say, Joe the Plumber, was the majority stockholder in an oil company befouling the Amazon, he might think twice about owning part of a corporation that was breaking Peruvian law. I don’t think he’d like to spend 15 to 20 years in a Peruvian prison. Perhaps limited liability is something you may want to comment on in your comic strips. Stockholders might be more concerned about the behavior of the corporation if they were criminally and civilly liable for the corporations actions. Limited liability didn’t always exist. In America it was an invention of the Gilded Age. There is no reason for it to continue.

    1. Part of this was addressed a couple of days ago by Chip who knows he is beholden to the stockholders and other interests. At least he realizes that individual actions can’t change the system, even if performed by those with some measure of power.
      Anyway, better still to make profit illegal altogether, but I’m not holding my breath.

  6. Minimum Security hasn’t been on Go-comics since 12/24/2012. Is it still showing your strip?

    1. Hi Milton,
      Yes, coming back tomorrow… I just fell behind because of other projects. Thank you for asking!

  7. Stephanie,
    Wow! I (at 75 years of age) do not normally find anything to “gush” over/about in this day and age; holdover – no doubt – from my time as a jaded journalist. But I have to let you know I’m “gushing” here lady. This jaded old man just discovered you this morning out here in internetland and I am completely floored. What an absolutely powerful voice out there in the wilderness.
    Thank you for doing what you do and you keep going after ’em, yours is a powerful voice.

    1. Dear Frank,
      You have just made my day!! I’m very glad you like my work. Thank you so much for your very nice comment!
      The political ebb, the time for being jaded, is ending… the contradictions of society are being pushed forward, and the system is in such crisis that it will be unable to smooth things over. Who knows what will suddenly occur? Now is the time to participate in, and influence, whatever that might be…

  8. Yes, you’re right, it is time to get back in. I’ve been on a self-enforced sabbatical these past two years. Part of the new resolution get back in front of the glow box and write/publish again. The system won’t fall on its own we all have to help push the crumbling wall down. So, I’ve oiled up my (newly acquired) wheel chair and sharpened the keyboard, ready to go. 🙂 Stay tuned…

  9. Dear Stephanie,

    I’m Adio from Hong Kong who was very impressed by what you’ve done in Harry Potter and your illustration. I wonder the place you get inspiration, and the way you build your unique style. I know imagination is one of the most important element during creation, however, I really cannot imagine how the way you imagine when “the Harry Potter world” does not exist!? you may check out my website, I’m also an set decorator 🙂 Cheers


    1. Dear Adio,
      I wish I could claim such amazing work, but that is a different person with the same name.
      I hope you find a way to contact her.
      All best wishes,

  10. Dear Stephanie,

    I’m Junghoon from South Korea. To be a healthy human being has been a life-long struggle for me. I happened to know your works recently and immediately became your fan. I found you through Erich Fromm – Lewis Mumford -Derrick Jensen sort of path. Your voice is right. Your and derrick’s works has provided me a vital energy. One thing is that I couldn’t find any person around me who shares all of these so far, which sometimes makes me feel lonely. This is why I come back to these websites and youtubes often. Thank you for your work.

  11. Hi Stephanie
    I love your cartoons, found them through DGR. Unfortunately I find the word ofensive, constraining and too linked to narrow political views and tiranical regimes, maybe for US citizens it feels different but comunism has done a lot of damage in other countries . I do not share them with friends or, which is a shame, call me activist, rebel, resistan…but not proletarian or any other word straight from a political party manual.
    Best regards.

  12. Some theorize that there is no longer a significant proletariat, that instead we have a ‘precariat’ and ‘precarians’ — people whose jobs are always temporary and at risk — precarious.

    As for ‘communism’, it is true the word has been sadly degraded by misuse. We must try to rescue it, along with ‘socialism’, ‘liberalism’, ‘conservatism’, and a good many other terms, all of which once had actual meanings.

    1. Yes, I have read some theories that deny the existence or centrality of the proletariat. If we look at it on a world scale, the working class is still huge, and the capitalist economy still depends on the production of commodities to reproduce itself (even the prevalent fictitious forms of value are based somehow on production). The fundamental contradiction of capitalism is still capital vs. labor. Workers in temporary or part-time jobs are still workers (though the word “precariat” has also been used to define a different section of working people involved in the circulation of capital rather than production).

      Even where workers are a minority, they are still the ones facing capital in a fundamentally antagonistic relationship, and the only class able to offer an alternative to capitalism.

      I agree with you about the need to reclaim and defend the meanings of words like communism… I’d add “progressive” to the list as well, which has been degraded into meaning “liberal.”

      Thanks for your comment!

  13. Dear Stephanie (and your readers),

    I have started a new Ecosocialist Discussion group on Yahoo Groups to replace the now defunct Ecosocialist International Network group. I’d be honored if you’d join us and post some content.

    Peace and Solidarity,

      1. Ok, I get it if you don’t want to participate yourself. I hope you don’t mind if I post links to some of your essays there (which I have already done).

  14. Interesting article on CounterPunch today.
    I would say that the 501c3 designation is also a cage. It keeps us from making commentary during the election season when people become very attuned to a lot of issues and are open to new thoughts.
    The 501c3 tax free status is essentially a bribe to shut us up when it comes to candidates – pro or (much more often) con.

  15. While I can’t disagree that Capitalism can’t “solve” climate change, that’s because Capitalism is a concept. It seems that the idiotic mentality that thrived under Nixon is alive and well in America, and we fear ideas more than facts. I don’t even know who you think said Capitalism could cure this disease. However, taking sides based on who is already on them is kind of like cheering on the local professional sports team despite the fact that none of its players are local. This also has nothing to do with the facts. I’m reading the above. Do you really think that with support from the Un, the Vatican and the President that only the deniers have powerful financial backing? Because you do seem to be arguing that having such is a sign of the other side being in the wrong. If we’re dealing with facts, can you refute these Or these…/list-of-excuses-for-the…/? The logic of the consensus has been debunked, but even if it hadn’t, thalidomide had a consensus. Any amount of humans can be in the wrong about an infinite number of things, especially when you decide on things based on your personal preferences. I’m not happy with what my research has revealed. I’m well aware that decisions about corporate polluting and the financial system do not work in my favor. I have come up with real, viable solutions for these things, but unfortunately have had no success in rounding up needed support for fighting the real challenges this world faces because everyone seems to think it’s much more important to choose sides than do anything right or good in the world. Again, i will agree that the political movement of GW deniers ARE in the wrong: then again, they are fighting based on opinion absent of facts as well.
    If we can’t discuss the issues absent of rhetoric, you will waste even more time arguing with idiots such as the Koch brothers, instead of seeing the real issues. In the U.S., government gave tax-payer’s dollars to banks who then funded political campaigns. In Europe, 3 countries had the banks take away their life’s savings and give them to governments who then continued to pay off interest on the debt instead of paying down the principle and preventing this catastrophe from recurring. Obviously government and banks are in collusion to steal the wealth we waste our whole lives creating for them, and obviously they need a distraction like an easy-to-blame group who are “going against the obvious” for us to waste our time detracting. This works for other things as well. W’s administration will all die free men living lives of luxury with all that free money they take from us, having suffered neither prison nor pangs of consciousness, while all those with social media voices sit transfixed as the GW deniers dance to the puppeteers commands. If you won’t believe me, then check out an actual scientists unpaid by either side, and maybe we can get to other proven things, such as Dr. William Thompson’s having admitted that a link between vaccines and autism has been known for over a decade, suppressed cures for cancer or, I don’t know, something that will actually help somebody, somewhere?

  16. Stephanie,
    Your book « Capitalism must die » is an absolute masterpiece ! I’ve never read anything that makes the main issue(s) and solutions so clear and concise, both with words and drawings. I’m a European living in East Africa (Burundi), and only discovered you through the electronic version of the book I received from a friend last week.
    I believe the book should be translated into as many major languages as possible : particularly Spanish, but also German, and Russian. Do you have a suffieiently large support group to get this done for free ? I would offer my contribution for a translation into German, but I’d need a second translator to check it.
    The revolution to save the planet doesn’t have to start in the US – although this would of course be the best case scenario. In many European countries, a majority of people are fed up with the capitalist system, they just don’t know how to resist and fight. You might find unexpected fruit growing if you plant the seeds also in countries where English isn’t the main language.
    Another thought you may have already considered : This book could and be turned into a cartoon movie – you’d need to do a lot more drawings, of course, but since you’ve already got the main characters you can also give them voices to express most of what the book is saying, even the more complex issues. What about crowd funding for such a project ? Michael Moore, for example, should support it if he puts is money where his mouth is.
    I am totally blown over by your talent to convey something so complex in such an apparently effortless manner. Apparently, because of course you must have slaved and sweated over this book, but if the Revolution succeeds, as I hope it will (eternal optimist !), it will become the fundamental work that triggered the change.
    Good luch for the future, and keep up the good work,

    Maria Schwab

  17. Greeting I’m Barry Andèrson also Known as B.A I am a member of the NMP the Nazarene Messianic Party and my teacher and Elder would Judah Emel would like to order a certain amount of your capitalism must die books. As well we have a live broadcast on Thursdays on blog talk radio and we discuss political science and economics and we understand that capitalism must die completely if we want true justice for society. If possible we would love to invite you on our show called What is to be done ? And hear your story and how we can make a difference in the world we are ready and willing to network with all shalom.

  18. As with so many of the previous admirers, I have come unto your via DGR, I faithfully “re-share” the “affirmations” on all of the pages I manage. Subsequently a lot of others re-share also. I hope this is okay with you.

    1. Thanks Matt — yes, they are meant for sharing widely!

  19. SM:

    Thank you. Thank you very much.

    I keep it short so you keep your time.

    If you wish to utranslate to Spanish I could help. Did it for DGR.

    Keep up! Fight! Never give up!

  20. Hi Stephanie, I just watched your film – ‘Art Is a Weapon in the Battle of Ideas’. As someone that creates works underpinned by an anti-imperialist, institutional critique, your film spoke to me in ways you may not be able to fully appreciate. Thank you for making it!

    1. Thank you for saying that. I’m glad you found it useful! 🙂

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